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Appearances And Media

What you can expect from Amanita Dreamer

  • Someone who shows up, personally, deeply with authentic real world experience.

  • An engaging conversation, with a natural ability to reach the audience on a personal level from life experience. That connection is why Dreamer does this.

  • A professional who knows your time is important and that you rely on those you work with to help maintain your schedule.

  • A deep commitment to due diligence to bring the most relevant, informed and current information to the conversation.

  • A person with a life goal of connecting, finding our community, ending suffering and raising the vibration in her own ways.

  • Someone who questions everything and relishes any conversation on the nature of reality.

  • Passion about bodily autonomy and the right to self governance and mental and physical health.

  • Very direct and to the point communication.

  • A long list of topics for discussion. Scroll down.

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History and lore of its use

Its spiritual effects

How it affects the body

Safe use

The power of microdosing

Correcting misunderstandings and bad information

Potential benefits to individuals and society

The powerful potential for mental health changes

Corruption and cults surrounding the mushroom

Corporations, the FDA and the law

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Workshops, Speaking,Classes

From 2 hours to 2 day workshops in person and online.

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Amanita Ceremonies

Booking for ceremonies is currently closed. To request to hold a screening of the documentary followed by a large ceremony, inquire here:

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