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The Amanita Muscaria Documentary

I am 60% owner of the documentary, Executive Director, Writer and have final cut.

We are currently 80% finished filming and seeking funding for completion and post production. On this page is general information about the documentary so far. For an investor's deck and to discuss financing opportunities use the form at the end of the page. 

For other financial options, to be a part of making a new future and ushering in a whole new world of entheogenic medicines, read on.

I am Amanita Dreamer

From the earliest use of this mushroom and it saving my life, I knew a documentary had to be made to share it with the world and help millions. I began writing it only a year after first using the mushroom. When Chris, my producer, reached out to me to inquire about a documentary, I was able to tell him I already had it sketched out with professionals already lined up. And so it began.

While my story is in the documentary woven through it, I am merely a small part of it. The documentary seeks to cover the history, art, use, medicines, spirituality, practices, modern era and future of the mushroom. I intend for it to be thorough and useful to anyone who watches it, leaving them wanting to learn more. My hope is that it reaches those who need the medicine.

I have plans for a website for the documentary which will be its own living place existing to promote not only products we endorse but also all of those in the film or who worked on it. Each person or company will have their own page to fill as they see fit. We have purchased many domain names in advance and the web master is on board. The documentary will point viewers to it. It will exist to continue forward as a repository of education and information as well promotion and the potential for a follow up documentary.

The entire industry surrounding amanita muscaria will benefit from this documentary's release including the people who have issues this mushroom can treat, who have never heard of it or those who use it wrongly and are seeking harm reduction. The products market will be transformed as the public becomes informed and hopefully, harvesters will also grow in their abilities to harvest sustainably. 

This documentary will be a large influence on the way the new world is unfolding. It will help usher in conversations about ethics, world medicine, government involvement in medicine and the people's rights and power to choose their medicines. Not because any of this is in the documentary but because so many people suffer with just anxiety alone, that when they find amanita it will open something up in them, like this mushroom does and the advocacy will happen on larger and larger scales. 

This documentary will usher in a whole new world of mushroom medicines as this particular mushroom has such wide reaching abilities. More than that, it will call more and more people to realize the world of fungi as powerful medicine and will be one of the largest shifts so far in the natural medicine arena. Here's why. Large commercial media outlets of the past are losing listenership and viewers at a rapid pace as the older generations' populations decline. Social media is now the way most people get their news and information but censorship is becoming transparent and highly problematic. The way people get their education is changing and moving to private enterprises and individuals, content creators and less regulated forms of media. Documentaries such as this have never had a more opportune time to become successful in reach. 

If you want to be involved in something that is about to change the way the world views medicines, fear, anxiety, spirituality and living a more calm and centered life, this is it. 

This web site will become a major source of aggregate information about amanita products, amanita industry changes and providers and potential showings, follow up documentaries and wherever this takes us. A donation of $200K gets you in media promotions and photos, attendance at expos and showings as part of the team in addition to all of the previous perks. We are not a non-profit. This isn't a financial investment, it is a handing over of cash with only these perks in return. Reciprocity. This is the way of the new world.

We are only taking $500K in funding so opportunities are limited to be in on the ground floor, before everyone knew about Amanita muscaria. Once this documentary is released, being involved in this space will become much more costly. And of course, you will be on a first name basis with me, Amanita Dreamer, with a priority pass to my events, schedule, meeting up and conversations about the muscaria space as all of this unfolds. You will be part of the "inner circle" if you will.

This isn't about investment money and using it to make more money from the sale or distribution. That is rare in today's media arena. Today, documentaries are about reach, a voice, getting in front of people and getting attention, the same attention the failing media giants are grasping for. For you, though, this is about legacy. This about being that piece of change, of knowing that you played a large role in the new world of love, peace, self governance, and the world of natural medicines returning to their role in mankind's development and ability to live in peace and harmony with each other and the land again. These are unique and important times of massive change. The future will study these times and point at the pivotal moments, ideas and people who were key players in the shift. In a new world of grace and honorable kind living, they will look back and the degradation and corruption and loss and remember how it changed. They will look with reverence and gratitude at those who created those changes, and you will be there among the people who made this change possible. 


Enjoy these videos

I have curated these behind the scenes videos of several shooting days in Oregon, Switzerland, Sweden and Warsaw.

This form is strictly for potential financing for the documentary and partnerships. Any other inquiries will be deleted. This account is monitored by an assistant. To speak to Amanita Dreamer go to and become a member to use the private messaging system.

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